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Your 2018 Social Security Benefit Guide

Almost 62 million people depend on Social Security in one way or another. Born out of the Great Depression as a retirement safety net, it has grown to cover 96% of workers in the US.¹

In 2017, the Social Security Administration paid out $955 billion in benefits, the majority of which went to retired workers.² As can be expected with such a large-scale program, the details can be confusing and frustrating to understand at times. Even just the way the Social Security system works remains a mystery to many people, though they depend on it for their retirement security.

The majority of retirees receive almost half their income from Social Security, but 91% of them don’t know what factors go into receiving the maximum benefit possible.³ With the decline in company pension plans and the low personal savings rate seen nationwide, making wise Social Security decisions is more important now than ever before.

Two of the most important decisions you will make are when to file for benefits and how to coordinate filing with your spouse. This guide will give you a broad overview of the Social Security system and how it works, as well as specific information on details to consider when filing for benefits.