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Our idea of “Team“  means collaborating with you to learn about your goals and priorities and setting out to help you achieve them.  We help you address important questions like:

  • How much do you need to save to support your desired retirement lifestyle?
  • Will you have enough in retirement to last for your lifetime?
  • Will you be able to leave a legacy gift to you children, grandchildren, or favorite non-profit organization?
  • How much life insurance do you need?

 Developing a comprehensive plan to reach your goals usually involves three segments:

  • Financial and Investment Plan – To outline reasonable spending scenarios based on your income and assets, and make sure your investments are invested productively in a manner your are comfortable with.
  • Tax Plan – Integrates with the investment plan and maximize what part of your returns you get to keep and minimize what gets lost to taxes.
  • Estate Plan – To maximize the impact of your gift to children, grandchildren, loved ones, and organizations important to you.

Why leave this important work up to a guess?

Our experienced professionals will collaborate with you to learn about your priorities and preferences and help design a plan tailored for you.  We can also work with your CPA and estate planning attorney as necessary to make sure your plan produces the results you desire.