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Investment Management

Market fluctuations are like gravity – They’ll always be there. The key for investors is to develop and stick with a plan they are comfortable with. Many investment methodologies have proven successful over time including:.

  • Buy & Hold
  • Trend Following
  • Momentum-Based Strategies
  • Diversified Asset Allocation with Rebalancing
  • Rising Dividend Equities

Each of these methods will go through periods of time where they are successful and periods of time where they are not. Keeping your focus on your ultimate long-term goals and trusting the plan in place will lead to success. Abandoning your buy & hold strategy after a large market decline is a costly mistake. Trend following and adjusting your allocation proactively in advance may be a better plan if you tend to get nervous when the market goes through corrections.

Understanding your true tolerance for putting up with the market’s gyrations is an important step in the investment strategy planning process. Click Here to view a brief video on how to better understand your personal risk limitations and take our risk assessment survey.

Once we understand your risk tolerance we can recommend the best investment strategy to fit your needs and help you reach your goals. No matter what strategies are chosen, it’s important they are not based on emotional decision making. We use “fact-based” investing processes to guide your portfolio to lessen the chance for error and a resulting large loss. Please take a couple minutes to view this video on Fact-Based Investing.