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Elite Dividend Strategy

Research clearly shows that over time, dividend-paying stocks outperform non-dividend paying stocks by a significant margin. Integra Capital Advisors' Elite Dividend Portfolio strategy invests in the common stock of high quality corporations, selected for their historical commitment to increasing the dividend payment to shareholders on a regular basis, and exhibiting consistently strong financial characteristics.

A majority of portfolio holdings will generally have a minimum of 25 years of consecutive dividend payments without reduction. The minimum length of dividend payment history for any holding is five years.

Portfolio holdings are selected from the results of our quantitative screening formula using important financial factors, with an emphasis on increasing dividend payments to shareholders.

The result is a portfolio typically holding 20 – 30 companies, most of which are members of the S&P 500 Index, which Integra Capital Advisors believes will exhibit highly desirable characteristics, including:

  • High total return potential through long-term capital appreciation of the value of these quality corporations and the rising dividend income stream.

  • Lower than average risk as measured by widely used metrics of volatility.

  • Potential, given enough time, to build an income stream from dividends that can far exceed the yield historically available on traditional income producing investments such as bonds and certificates of deposit. (Click here to see how rising dividends can benefit you.)

Integra Capital Advisors analysis has revealed that, as a group, these consistent dividend payers have a tendency to decline less than the stock market during significant market downtrends. We believe the characteristic of consistent and predictable dividend payments leads the owners of these quality firms to have a reasonable expectation of above average total return with lower volatility. Of course, there can be no guarantees that this strategy will produce results better than the stock market in general during all periods of time.