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Business Valuation


Most business owners expect the value of their business to be a significant part of their financial and retirement income plan when they decide to retire. Interestingly, more than 70% of business owners fail to obtain a business valuation until the time approaches to sell the business, perhaps not until they receive an offer they wish to verify as legitimate.

Planning for eventual retirement for business owners involves managing the business to maximize its value and having an idea what the value of the sale means to the owner, in terms of being able to replace the income that used to be taken out of the business.

Valuing your business early as part of the planning process allows for the value to be included for retirement income planning purposes, as well as enhancing decisions while you still own operation to enhance its eventual sale value.

Integra Capital Advisors uses a state-of-the-art business valuation system to help you determine a realistic value for planning and sale purposes.  If you are acquiring a business, we can help you determine an appropriate price.

If you are a business owner or involved in a business transaction, give us a call today to discuss our business valuation service.